"The deeds of the light do just as much damage as the deeds of the dark." 

W. D. Frank




Inspired by everything dark and weird since the age of four, W.D. Frank is a surrealist author deeply traumatized by pretending to be normal. He spends his free time obsessing over art and offending your parents.

Spitting words of controversy and chaos I tore straight from the Snake's unstable mind,

I ponder the day knowledge will conceive freedom.

Forever alone

in a world they call God's,

I laugh alongside my Uncrowned King as the ignorant shriek of immorality and push us towards the flames of order.

Yet, the fire within your sanctified soul cannot silence the gospel of serpents.

Your hate and fear drive me to surpass my humble beginnings.

The burning touch of solitude only serves to strengthen the acid that drips from my tongue.

Despair, oh, uncharitable lambs of Eden!

The truth will never cease!